China K77-Y100M4-2.2-35.2-M1 helical bevel geared motor gearbox speed reducer variator worm gearbox application

Guarantee: 1 calendar year
Relevant Industries: Creating Material Shops, Production Plant, Machinery Repair Outlets, Foods & Beverage Factory, Farms, Development works , Energy & Mining, helical bevel geared motor gearbox pace reducer
Tailored assistance: OEM, helical bevel geared motor gearbox speed reducer
Gearing Arrangement: Helical
Output Torque: 375~519520Nm(custom-made)
Enter Pace: 600~1500rpm
Output Speed: 14-280rpm
Pole: 3 stage 4 phase 6 Phase
Ratio: thirty
Housing Material: Solid Iron
Doing work temperature: -40~45℃
Software: mining, chemical industry,steel metallurgy,lifting transpor and ect.
Method: Carburizing, Nitriding , Grinding
Performance: ninety four%~98%
Mounting Place: Horizontal,Vertical,Flange
Colour: Blue,Inexperienced,Gray,Red
Variety: K77-35.2-M1 helical bevel geared motor gearbox velocity reducer variator
Certification: helical bevel geared motor gearbox velocity reducer
Packaging Particulars: sea deserving wooden situation for K77-Y100M4-2.2-35.2-M1 helical bevel geared motor gearbox pace reducer variator
Port: HangZhou

—— Given that 1995
K collection Spiral Bevel Gear Reducer
Hard Tooth Sureface Gear Helical Gear Box Transmission
helical bevel geared motor gearbox pace reducer variator
Chinese electrical motor pace reducer is broadly utilised in mining equipment, chemical industry,steel metallurgy, INS New Design and style Bubble Quantity Pendant 316L Stainless Steel Rope Chain Iced Out -9 Gold Silver CZ Paved Variety Letter Necklace gentle market,environmental protection, paper creating, printing, lifting transportation, foods industry and so on.
Principal Sequence Product: R series helical equipment reducer, K sequence spiral bevel gear reducer, NGW, P collection planetary reducer, H B collection gearbox, Z (ZDY, ZLY, ZSY, and ZFY) serial tough tooth floor cylindrical gear reducer, D (DBY and DCY) serial challenging tooth area cone gear reducer, cycloid reducer, and so on. In the meantime, map sample processing enterprise can be carried out.
K Series Designed on the foundation of modular combined technique,the gear reducer have ample combinations of motor,mounting place and construction assignments,the classifying class of transmission ratio is thorough,
which is ideal for distinct functioning situation and comprehend mechatronics.

SpecificationK77-Y100M4-2.2-35.2-M1 helical bevel geared motor gearbox speed reducer variator:
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K Collection Specification
Measurement3747fifty sevensixty sevenseventy seven8797107127157167187
Enter electricity score(kw).eighteen-3..18-3..eighteen-5.five.eighteen-5.5.37-eleven.75-221.1-30three-45seven.5-ninety11-16011-200eighteen.5-200
Ratiofive.36-106.385.81-131.87six.57-a hundred forty five.fourteen7.14-144.797.24-192.eighteenseven.19-197.37eight.ninety five-176.058.74-141.468.sixty eight-146.0712.65-one hundred fifty.4117.28-163.91seventeen.27-one hundred eighty.78
Permissible torqueN.mtwo hundredfour hundred600820155027004300800013000180003200050000

Design variety for Helical Equipment Box Transmission:
Intently employing the best reduction ratio.
Reduction ratio = servo motor pace / reducer output shaft speed
Torque calculation: Torque calculation is extremely critical for the daily life of reducer, Factory injection molded manufacture Abs Small nylon plastic bevel equipment plastic dual equipment for printer and shell out interest to whether or not the greatest torque price (TP) of acceleration exceeds the greatest load torque of the reducer.
The relevant power is generally the relevant electrical power of the servo designs on the market place, the applicability of the reducer is extremely large, the operating coefficient can be maintained earlier mentioned 1.2, but the choice can also be based on their personal requirements to decide. Helical bevel gearbox for Pellet machine.large torque helical equipment motor for poultry farm equipment.5hp helical worm geared motor for conveyor belt. Helical type inline gear reducer for agitator. reduction gearbox with electric motor gearbox for Harvesting Device.Correct Angle Helical Bevel Gearbox Gear Motor for Cell Conveyor.rotavator gearbox flange mounted gearbox pto. K77-Y100M4-2.2-35.2-M1 helical bevel geared motor gearbox pace reducer variator.

Our Services

  • one. Massive Volecity- Reducing Ratio:Ratio of single-stage pace-reducing is 1/11-1/87 Ratio of double phase velocity-reducing is 1/112-1/5133Ratio of a few-stage speed-lowering is 1/2057-1/446571more-phases can be combined in accordance to the necessity.
  • 2. Substantial driving efficiency:Due to adopting rolling engagement in slipping-in portion, the driving effectiveness can get to previously mentioned ninety%.
  • 3. Tiny in dimension, mild excess weight: with compacted structure,little dimensions and gentle fat. Owing to adopting the principle of earth driving so that the input and output shaft in the same axis which will integrated with the motor.
  • four. Long service daily life: Has very good resistance to abrasion simply because the primary driving participating elements are manufactured of bearing metal and making use of rolling friction.Helical sort inline equipment reducer for agitator
  • five. Steady operating: for most driving treatment, we adopt multi-teeth falling-in. Then the operating will be stable with lower sounds. high torque helical equipment motor for poultry farm tools.
  • 6. Hassle-free dismounting:affordable construction and style. 5hp helical worm geared motor for conveyor belt
  • seven. Sturdy overloading capability,anti-compact,suitable for often commence and double-aspect rotation. reduction gearbox with electric powered motor gearbox for Harvesting Device.R ight Angle Helical Bevel Gearbox Equipment Motor for Cellular Conveyor. rotavator gearbox flange mounted gearbox pto.1:100 gear ratio equipment motor value for conveyor greenhouse.
  • Chinese Reducer Helical Equipment Box Transmission is a mechanical transmission in a lot of fields of the national economic climate. The item classes lined by the industry consist of all types of gear reducer, planetary equipment reducer and worm reducer, as well as various unique transmission products this sort of as pace escalating device, speed management Devices, which includes numerous kinds of versatile transmission units, this sort of as compound transmission. Items and services in the area of metallurgy, nonferrous metals, coal, building components, ships, drinking water conservancy, Hot sale Compact ISEKI 80HP 95HP utilised agricultural Tractor for sale electrical energy, design machinery and petrochemical industries. gearbox areas

    In all fields of nationwide economic climate and nationwide protection industry, gearbox merchandise have a wide variety of purposes. Food gentle sector, electric equipment, construction machinery, metallurgy machinery, cement machinery, environmental protection machinery, digital appliances, street building equipment, h2o conservancy machinery, chemical equipment, mining machinery, conveyor equipment, constructing supplies machinery, rubber machinery, petroleum equipment and other industries have strong demand of Reducer products. Helical bevel gearbox for Pellet equipment components. large torque helical gear motor for poultry farm products. reduction gearbox with electrical motor gearbox for Harvesting Equipment.Right Angle Helical Bevel Gearbox Gear Motor for Cellular Conveyor.rotavator gearbox flange mounted gearbox pto.1:a hundred gear ratio gear motor price tag for conveyor greenhouse. K77-Y100M4-2.2-35.2-M1 helical bevel geared motor gearbox pace reducer variator.
    Packaging & Delivery
    Organization Information
    Founded in 1995, HangZhou Boji Electrical power machinery Co.,Ltd has 22 a long time of reducer generation knowledge and trustworthiness. The organization has professional engineer staff, innovative technologies creation and competent staff, with situated in HangZhou of ZheJiang province which has CZPT industrial base and produced transportation.

    FAQ 1.Q:Are you the manufacturing unit or investing firm?
    A:We are the professional Manufacturing unit with 22 many years of experience.

    2.Q:Can you customize in accordance to our specifications?
    A:Yes, we can style nonstandard goods in accordance to customer’ C3012-2 mechanical screen OEMODM moveable Tire inflator air Compressor s drawing and sample.

    three.Q:How prolonged is the supply day?
    A:ten-twenty operating days.

    4.Q:Where is your manufacturing unit?
    A:We are in HangZhou of ZheJiang Province, you can get here by large velocity teach or fly to HangZhou.
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    Is a worm gear reducer right for your application?

    If you’re interested in gear reduction and wondering if a worm gear reducer is right for your application, you’ve come to the right place. This gear reducer is efficient and compact. In addition, it has small clearances and is easy to install. Let’s take a closer look.

    This is a reducer

    Worm reducer is a type of reduction gear used in machinery. This gear reduces the output speed by changing the ratio of input to output. Gears come in a wide range of sizes and can be made from a variety of materials, including aluminum, cast iron, and stainless steel. Its efficiency depends on the ratio and size of the gears. It is usually used in low speed applications. But it can also be used as an auxiliary braking device for high-speed moving machinery.
    When choosing a reduction gear, it’s important to look for models with multiple teeth. Ideally, it will have more teeth than the corresponding sprocket. This will reduce the noise produced by the gears. The maximum number of teeth of the worm gear should be greater than 40.
    Worm gears produce less noise and vibration than conventional gears. Also, they are cheaper and smaller than other types of reduction gears. However, worm gears have some limitations that make them less efficient than other types. For example, they do not perform as efficiently as parallel or orthogonal axes, which are much better at transmitting power.
    The main disadvantage of worm gears is the difficulty of lubrication. Worm gear reducers require more lubrication due to the helical motion of the gears. This means it is less efficient and more prone to wear than a standard gearbox. Helical motion has problems transmitting power and causes sliding friction, also known as sliding wear.
    A worm reducer is a reduction gearbox used to decelerate a high-speed motor to a low-speed output. Worm gear reducers produce lower output speeds while maintaining high torque. Its gears are made of bronze or stainless steel and have a right-angle output. The gears are very small compared to other reducers, so they can be used in tight spaces and applications where space is limited.


    Worm gear reducers are an excellent choice for applications requiring high torque and low speeds. These reducers are compact, durable and have a long service life. These gearboxes are also compatible with solid and hollow output shafts. This feature eliminates the need for chains or belts, reducing the number of moving parts. Plus, they’re easy to maintain, which means they’re an excellent choice for a variety of applications.
    Worm gear reducers are also compact, versatile and easy to install. The worm gear itself is made from a single piece of alloy steel. It has a high helix angle and is case hardened and ground for durability. Its six AF hex sockets are designed for easy installation and a wide range of ratios. Worm gear reducers are also suitable for manual operation. They are easy to install, compact in design and compatible with a wide range of motors and drives.
    Worm reducers are often used in industrial settings where a small amount of torque is required to move large objects. They are also useful when space is at a premium. They are compact and easy to install in tight spaces. Worm gears reduce the risk of tripping and are often made of durable materials, making them a popular choice.
    Compared with planetary gearboxes, worm gear reducers have many advantages. They are quiet, produce less noise, and are more comfortable to use. They are also more energy efficient than their planetary counterparts. Furthermore, they can be combined with other gearboxes and trains to increase their output efficiency.

    It is high efficiency

    When a worm reducer is used in a gear-motor, it is critical to note that it is extremely high in efficiency. This type of reducer is typically much hotter than a hypoid reducer, which reduces the service life of the gear. The increased thermal stress on the sliding gears results in premature seal wear and leakage. Furthermore, excessive heat causes lubrication to break down and can cause contamination. Helical gear reducers are significantly cooler and have a low-maintenance design. Consequently, they can reduce factory downtime and energy costs.
    A servo-worm reducer is an excellent choice for applications requiring high performance, repeatability, and precision positioning. These gear reducers have been specifically designed for use with servo motor technology, which provides tight integration of the gear motor. Other advantages of a servo-worm reducer include reduced angular backlash and longer life.
    Hypoid gearmotors offer increased efficiency and allow smaller motors to be used. A 1 HP worm reducer can produce the same amount of output as a 1/2 HP hypoid reducer. A Nissei Corporation study compared the two types of reducers, comparing power, torque, and efficiency. As a result, a 1/2 HP hypoid gearmotor is much cheaper to operate than a 1 HP worm reducer.
    The efficiency of a worm gear reducer depends on many factors, including the mesh of the gears and losses in the bearings and oil seal lips. The speed and load of the reducer also have an impact on its efficiency. As a result, worm gear reducers should be used with the right type of lubricant.
    In a worm gear reducer, a non-intersecting shaft rotates against a gear, while the output worm gear rotates in a perpendicular direction. This arrangement produces high efficiency while reducing the noise and vibration of the gear motor. This gear reducer is also quiet and has a low friction coefficient.

    It has a low clearance

    Worm Reducers are typically designed with a low clearance, meaning that the worm is not allowed to touch the wheels in the gear arrangement. The lubricant used depends on the size of the gearing, and it is usually ISO 680 or ISO 460. Higher viscosities require special equipment.
    Worm gears are popular in machines that need to stop quickly, such as lifts and elevators. The gears and worm are made of a soft material, minimizing backlash and failure rates. They are also popular in heavy-duty machines, such as rock crushers. But while this is an important aspect of their design, there are other factors to consider when choosing a worm gear.
    Worm gears have multiple teeth, which allows for greater surface area contact and a better distribution of load. This feature allows for high transmission ratios without sacrificing power. Worm gears can be paired with other gearboxes to increase the overall efficiency of the system.
    Worm gears are often used in heavy machinery, including trucks barreling down a deserted highway. They can also be found in packaging machinery, conveyors, and other small machinery. Their unique shape makes them ideal for tight spaces. But they also tend to wear and tear much faster than conventional gears.

    It has a high torque to weight ratio

    The worm gear reducer is a versatile gear train that provides a high torque-to-weight ratio. These reducers are typically used in applications that require high torque and high gear ratios, such as machine tools. They also have a very compact design, enabling very high gear ratios at low speeds.
    Worm gear reducers are very quiet, mainly because the input and output shafts are perpendicular to each other. Their low noise level is an advantage compared to planetary gearboxes. Compared with planetary reducers, worm gear reducers are also relatively cheap.
    The worm gear consists of two parts: the helical butt-jointed worm gear and the worm. The screw-butted worm gear is connected to the shaft by a helical thread. The worm gear is a variation of the six-simple machine. The worm is located in the worm wheel, which forces the worm to rotate. It also changes the plane of motion. Worm gears are usually made of steel or brass.
    Worm gear reducers are one of the most popular types of reducers. It provides high torque and high speed ratio in a compact package. These reducers are used in many power transmission systems, including elevators, safety gates, conveyor belts, and medical testing equipment.
    Worm reducers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including parallel shaft reducers and planetary worm reducers. They have a high torque-to-weight ratio and are easy to maintain. They are also lightweight and relatively easy to install. This makes them an excellent choice for many applications.
    Worms can be assembled using stepped shafts, set screws or dowel pins. However, the worm is subject to a lot of thrust and must be held firmly. This could lead to a rebound. Also, the bearings may come loose and the worm may move. To avoid backlash, make sure the worm gear shaft passes through the midpoint of the worm face width.

    China K77-Y100M4-2.2-35.2-M1 helical bevel geared motor gearbox speed reducer variator     worm gearbox application	China K77-Y100M4-2.2-35.2-M1 helical bevel geared motor gearbox speed reducer variator     worm gearbox application
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