China Qingdao Hongda VCRO-I Textile Machine Autoconer Automatic Coiling Winding Machine what is the fastest gear on a 21 speed bike

Applicable Industries: Textile industry
Showroom Location: Egypt, Turkey, Viet Nam, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Mexico, Russia, Morocco, Argentina, Bangladesh, South Africa, Uzbekistan
Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
Machinery Test Report: Provided
Marketing Type: Hot Product 2019
Warranty of core components: 1 Year
Core Components: PLC, Motor
Condition: New
Application: Textile
Automatic Grade: Automatic
Production Capacity: 99.9%
Voltage: 380V
Power: 2800
Dimension(L*W*H): 15240*1818*2650mm
Weight: 8000 KG
Warranty: 1 Year
Product name: Automatic winder
Usage: Textile
Color: White
Winding speed (m/min): 400~2200, (with continuous variation)
Anti-ribboning mode: motor speed variation controlled in whole process
Channel Number: 2 for bobbin forward, 1 for bobbin back
Electronic yarn clearer: USTER/LOEPFE electronic yarn clearer
Piecing devices: jointair/splicer,Aquasplicer
Raw head ability: 40/min(double piecing unit,option)
After Warranty Service: Online support
Local Service Location: Egypt, Turkey, Viet Nam, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh
After-sales Service Provided: Online support
Certification: ISO9001
Packaging Details: Wooden cases
Port: HangZhou

HangZhou CZPT VCRO-I Textile Machine Autoconer Automatic Coiling Winding Machine
The new generation of auto-winder with linking is developed as per latest needs of end users, which is a new model based on SMARO-I auto winder with linking system and could link with any spinning machines with longest length to 1800 spindles. The new auto-winder can meet the requirements of customers from Ne.6 to the highest count of yarn. It’s featured with improvements in stable and reliable performance, winding into perfect package and easier to be operated. Its brightest spot is the spinning quality tracking system, by using RFID ie. radio-frequency technique, the faulty bobbins can be traced back to the spindle of the spinning machine, thereby to solve the spinning problem and improve the quality of yarn.


  • Bobbin supply from spinning frame to auto-winder is completely automatic, free of manual feed. Behind single spindle it is designed with spare bobbin convey channel;
  • Bobbin conveyor increase logic judgment to make following actions such as ful bobbin, empty bobbin, picking, re-piecing, waste yarn treament, stop, pass in CBF not interfered with each other;
  • Bobbin change is automatically detected and feed;
  • Empty bobbin is automatically transported back to spinning frame by loop belt;
  • Bobbin is transported by support disc that eliminate bobbin yarn surface damage and reduce pilling increment.

    Electronic clearers control yarn quality, including yarn joint quality, during the coplete winding process. Two different yarn clearer setting are adopted for normal yarn winding and yarn joint respectively. The most advanced electoronic yarn clearer models can be equipped. Foreign fiber detectng function can be chosen as optional.


  • Special photoelectric sensor for monitoring yarn picking status in real-time;
  • Upper and lower air door control to enhance picking rate and efficiently control air consumption efficiently;
  • Vertical liner suction cylinder moves up and down to enhance motion precision;
  • Reasonable suction clip and vertex blowing system can greatly enhance picking rate.

  • High efficient automatic doffing and doffing circle;
  • Traverse speed 60m/min;
  • Doffing package diameter max ∅320mm;
  • Intellectualized single spindle automatic re-start;
  • Brife automatic picking action and piecing yarn fixing position is adjustable;
  • Smartjudgement of bobbin and package yarn in existence to ensure favoring doffing;
  • Manual and automatic is optional for convenient doffing adjustment;
  • Automatic package transportation.

    Automatic bobbin feeding from spinning frame to auto-winder improves yarn cleanness and avoids yarn contact damage.
    To solve the friction between package of spinning frame and speed so as to enhance the spindle of spinning frame and increase productivity.
    To transport yarn package and feed bobbin automatically so as to save labor and connect the 2 labor-intensive procedures directly not only to realize automation and continuous production but also to improve quality and enchnce productivity.


    TypeSingle-spindles, single-sided arrangement, left of right hand
    Fields of applicationNm 3.5 to the highest count cotton, wool, synthetic and blended spinning yarn or plied
    Winding speed400-2200m/min, step-less speed regulation
    Number of winding spindles6 to 36 every 2 spcing incremnet
    Spindle distance320mm
    Applicable bobbin taper4°20′, 5°57′
    Feeding bobbinDiameter=32-65mm, length=180-300mm
    Joint typeAirspllicer, aquasplicer
    Support disc diameterφ70mm
    Channel No.Two for bobbin forward, 1 for bobbin back
    Clearer typeUSTER/LOEPFE electronic yarn clearer
    The winding drumDC motor coaxial transmission, step-less speed regulation
    Anti-patterningElectronic anti-patterning system
    Joints circleElectrical logic control, intelligent cycle
    Tension controlElectromagnetic weighting, closed-loop control
    Picking ability40/min (double Piecing Unit, option)
    Total installation power (kW)28
    Dimension (32 spindles)(mm)15240×1818×2650
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    FAQQ: How’s the after-sale service?
    A: We offer engineers available to service overseas under merchandiser’s supervision and translation.

    Q: Are you available for on-the-spot invitation?
    A: We do welcome our new and old friends come here to have a visitation. Besides, we would send you our exposition and relative information to promote a face-to-face meeting if you’d like to.

    Q: Is the price offered changeable?
    A: We offer reasonable price for every client, and the price is changeable according to purchasing amount.

    Q: How about the quality?
    A: The main subassembly and raw materials are all supplied by large companies. Key parts are research and developed by our own staff. Professional assembly line work and strict quality test system can ensure your high quality requirement.

    Q: Are you a manufacturer or Trade Company?
    A: We are a professional manufacturer holding our own International Trade Department, for that we can better understand customer’s needs and offer a reasonable price.

    Q: Product /Quality Guarantee and After Sale Service?
    A: 1 year warranty for the International standard. We are work online 24 hours. If you have any questions about our machine you can contact us.

    The Mechanical Speed Variator Dissectible

    The Mechanical Speed Variator Dissectible is part of a series of actual industrial gear reducer dissectibles that can be used for hands-on mechanical drive training. This model features a heavy-gauge baseplate and offers a realistic experience for disassembly and inspection of a mechanical speed variator.

    Mechanical continuous gear variator 100

    A mechanical continuous gear variator 100 is a gearbox that has a number of gears. One of its components is a second multiplier gear group 60. This group is mounted to a second mobile shaft 9 and has a keyed transfer element 7. The transfer element transmits rotation to further gear 2′ and sprockets 5′.
    This gearbox comprises two groups of multipliers arranged in series. The first group is connected to the driving shaft 1 and the second group is connected to the output driven shaft 30, 12. In addition, the mechanical continuous gear variator 100 comprises an intermediate shaft 9 and a rotatably mounted frame 13.
    This gearbox is also a great educational tool for children. It encourages them to learn about cars and mechanics. It also improves their fine motor skills and stimulates the mind. It also has an aesthetic and fun appeal. This gearbox helps children learn about the complexities of a CVT and how it works.
    The mechanical continuous gear variator 100 includes a first shift element B1, second shift element K1, and a third shift element B2. The first shift element B1 is a brake and the third shift element B2 is a clutch. The second shift element is a second planetary gear set RS2. In the first and second ranges of ratios, the torques are split. This creates a power-split flow.

    Single half-cycle operation

    A Speed Variator is a device that varies the speed of a motor based on the input voltage. It can operate on a single half-cycle of the supply voltage when the speed is low, or on both half-cycles when the speed is high. The transition between the two modes is automatic and is achieved through the displacement of a potentiometer slide. The invention also includes overload protection circuits.
    The patent application outlines the operation of an electric speed variator that operates in single half-cycle mode at low speeds. The device provides high negative feedback through its circuit RE to maintain stable operation, thereby providing high available effective power at low speeds. In this way, the device is able to achieve the desired speed.

    High negative feedback

    A speed variator is a device that controls the speed of an ac motor by varying its input voltage. Generally, it is comprised of three components: a triggerable Silicon controlled rectifier, a resistive potentiometer, and a capacitor. Each component is coupled in series with the other, forming a motor-driven circuit. The circuit includes a resistive branch and a capacitive branch connected in parallel to a control electrode.
    The voltage at the output is increased if the load on the motor M increases. The increasing voltage causes the measuring circuit CM to furnish a higher voltage at the output. This causes a decrease in the conduction of transistor T1 during the positive half-cycle, which in turn reduces the speed of the motor. The increasing voltage also causes the capacitor to charge faster and the angle of opening of the triac to increase. The compensating negative feedback circuit RE reduces this effect.
    A triac speed variable controller is difficult to regulate at low speeds because of the lower angle of passage of the current through the three phases. This reduces its effective power and makes it difficult to regulate the output speed at low speeds.

    Compact size

    The compact size of Speed Variators is one of the main benefits of these devices. They are suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications. These devices can be used in packaging machines, food processing machines, and pharmaceutical and chemical machines. They are also very easy to install. They come in 6 sizes and can be combined with gearboxes and independent drives for even more versatility.

    Long life

    If you are looking for a Speed Variator with long life and reliable performance, then you have come to the right place. These devices are made with special materials for long life and durability. They are suitable for general purpose, medium and fractional power drives and can be installed with a variety of gearboxes and independent drives.

    Simple structure

    Simple structure for speed variable (SS-SRDM) is a simple type of infinitely variable motor with an end structure of a hand wheel, screw mandrel and bearing. The hand wheel controls the interval between active fixed and pinch rollers. The SS-SRDM has several advantages over a conventional linear sprocket-shaft motor, including simplicity, low cost and ease of maintenance.
    China Qingdao Hongda VCRO-I Textile Machine Autoconer Automatic Coiling Winding Machine     what is the fastest gear on a 21 speed bikeChina Qingdao Hongda VCRO-I Textile Machine Autoconer Automatic Coiling Winding Machine     what is the fastest gear on a 21 speed bike
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