China Racing Quality Roller Set / Variator Weights 20x12mm For Velvet125 Velvet150 Phantom Max 125cc 150cc Scooter Engine variator speed drive

Type: Drive Belt
Warranty: 1
Product Name: Variator Roller
Material: Iron Aluminum Copper
MOQ: 200
Packing: bag
Quality: Racing
Motorcycle Model: Velvet 150 Jupiter 4T 125 Millennium 125
OEM: 20X12mm
Shipping: Sea
Color: Blue
Fitment: Scooter
Packaging Details: Export neutral kraft paper box
Port: HangZhou/ZheJiang port

Racing Quality Roller Set / Variator Weights 20x12mm For 125cc 150cc Scooter Engine This product is suitable for the following modelsVelvet 125 Velvet 150 Jupiter 4T 125 Millennium 125 Jet Set 4T 150 Millennium 150 Madison 125Phantom Max 125 Madison T 150 Size: 20X12mm. Gram weight 8g -20gThere are 3 kinds of materials: iron ,aluminum ,copper Specification

Place of OriginChina
Brand NameM
Product NameVariator Roller Weight
MaterialIron ,Aluminum ,Copper
Motorcycle ModelVelvet 125 Velvet 150 Jupiter 4T 125 Millennium 125 Jet Set 4T 150 Millennium 150 Madison 125 Phantom Max 125 Madison T 150
ShippingSea express delivery
Colorblack white orange red
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What Is a Speed Variator?

The Speed Variator is a device that controls the speed of a motor. It consists of all the elements shown in Figure 1. This device also includes a circuit for protection against overloads, which is a second shunt circuit charging the capacitor C. This circuit requires a -ve voltage that represents the motor current during negative half-cycles.

Mechanical continuous gear variator 100

A mechanical continuous gear variator 100 is a mechanical transmission device that varies the overall gear ratio. It guides the torque from the input shaft 1 through multiple power paths. The input shaft is a constant, while the output shaft is a variable. The variator 100 has three distinct modes: first, direct, and reverse.
This kit comes with 104 parts that are laser-cut from high-quality, eco-friendly plywood. It’s easy to assemble, and each piece is laser-cut with precise measurements. Assembling a mechanical continuous gear variator only takes a few hours. To make the process even simpler, the kit comes with a QR-code and a mobile application that will guide you through the assembly process.
The mechanical continuous gear variator 100 includes a first multiplier group 50, a gear 2 mounted rotatably, and an intermediate shaft and output shaft mounted rotatably. The transmission and input shafts are coupled by means of adjustment means that adjust the position of the movable translation means.
There are two main types of continuous gear variators. The first type uses a series of sprockets to transmit rotation from one gear to another. The second type is similar in operation, but has a third group of sprockets. Both types can be coupled to a single frame.
The mechanical continuous gear variator 100 can operate in the first, second, and third modes. In the first mode, the shift element B1 is the first shift element, while the second one is a clutch.

Operation with a single half-cycle mode

Speed Variators are used to regulate the speed of a motor. They work in either single or double half-cycle modes. They can also be fully automatic. During the low-speed operation, they operate in a single half-cycle mode, and they switch over to the double half-cycle mode automatically when the desired speed is reached.
The Speed Variator’s operation is largely similar to that of a traditional AC motor. However, there are some differences. In a single half-cycle mode, the slider is connected to the output discs of an engine. This allows the variator to adjust the output torque in the desired direction.
The invention also features a current-limiting device for ac motors. This device limits the amount of current to the motor and also utilizes a large portion of the variator’s elements. This allows the Speed Variator to operate in a single half-cycle mode at low speeds. This feature provides high available effective power even at low speeds.
The speed of the motor M can be increased by moving the potentiometer P. The capacitor C is charged through the lower part of the potentiometer P. During this process, the transistor T 1 does not activate the diac D. In a single half-cycle mode, the potentiometer P has negligible negative feedback.

Variation of the radius of engagement during operation

The radius of engagement of a Speed Variator is a critical factor in determining the ratio of the rotating assembly. To accomplish this, a roller steering mechanism is required. This mechanism helps maintain contact between the rolling elements 12 and the inner contact disc. As a result, the variator enters a neutral configuration.
The rolling elements make contact with the input race and the output race. The races must have the same radius or be closely similar to each other. If they are not, the result is no drive transmission and no tilt control. In a normal configuration, the locus and the radius of engagement are identical.
When the input and output radii differ, the variator will increase or decrease its torque accordingly. The variable torque can also be used to control the load on the system. The speed of the variator can also be controlled. Various embodiments of the variator include a second or single cam.
Another aspect of the invention is the ability to reset the drive configuration of the variator. This can be achieved while the variator race is rotating. This allows for a neutral configuration. Depending on the design, the variator may comprise a single toroidal cavity or a plurality of cavities, each containing associated rolling elements.
A toroidal variator may also operate to disconnect the driven device when not in use. This may be accomplished by increasing the minor toroid radius in the area where the hub and outer periphery of the race meet.

Application in the mechanical industry

Variable speed drives are a great way to control the speed of machinery without the use of a gearbox. Variable speed drives can be used in industrial and manufacturing applications to adjust the speed of machines. These devices eliminate the need for a gearbox and eliminate space problems. Another benefit is that they require less maintenance and repairs.
Variable speed drives are a powerful tool that can improve the energy efficiency of various applications. They can also be used to automate manual labor by running motors at different speeds. This will reduce energy costs, reduce mechanical stress and increase equipment lifespan. These benefits can be seen in many different industries.
China Racing Quality Roller Set / Variator Weights 20x12mm For Velvet125 Velvet150 Phantom Max 125cc 150cc Scooter Engine     variator speed driveChina Racing Quality Roller Set / Variator Weights 20x12mm For Velvet125 Velvet150 Phantom Max 125cc 150cc Scooter Engine     variator speed drive
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